4 Smart Ways a Freight Broker Can Help You Save on Van Freight

4 Smart Ways a Freight Broker Can Help You Save on Van Freight

When you faced with shipping or transporting large items or large numbers of goods, going straight to the transportation source may seem like the most logical and cost saving method. But you’d be surprised at how much hiring a fright broker can save you, not just on cost but also on time.

1. Can Negotiate Lower Prices
Most freight brokers deal in bulk numbers of transportation and therefore can get discounted rates. This savings can get passed on to you, the consumer. In fact, many times freight brokers can not only find great deals for you but also can meet transportation needs that otherwise you would not be able to get unless you deal in wholesale transport.

2. Time Saver
We all know money is time. So any time saved is money saved. This also applies to freight brokers. Image you have a shipment that just has to get out to someone but could take you hours of phone calls to find the right truck that can deliver it right on time. This is where a freight broker can be your best friend. They can find you that extract truck. In fact, many times they already know who that would be and can get you setup in a matter of minutes instead of 10 phone calls later.

3. Partnered Shipping
Sometimes your cargo is just not that much and paying to rent an entire truck just would not be economical. In such cases having a freight broker can help you by shipping your goods with another one of their customers. This lowers the cost for both of you but still gets you that same level of service and delivery you need.

4. Bulk Discounts
Some freight brokers can get you a bulk discount when you use them for repeat business. This is something you just might not be able to get dealing with transportation and truckers on your own. Reason being is that sometimes the vans or transportation needs you have span more than one trucking company. Therefore it’s not advantageous for those trucking companies to give you a deal since you’re not really doing bulk with them. Alternatively if you’re working with a broker, they can offer you a discount since you can go in on a bulk deal they have with multiple trucking companies.

All-in-all there are a ton of different ways it can be adventurous to your company’s pocket book by using a freight broker. I’ve just listed out a few here. Your best to contact a broker as they can help you with exact details on deals you can get.

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