What is a Freight Broker and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Freight Broker and Why Do I Need One?


Moving is stressful.  Whether it is moving out of your old house, moving into a new office, or moving product, we are always stressed about a couple of key issues.  1) How am I going to move this stuff? and 2) Is it going to get to where it needs to go?  Dealing with moving companies or any sort of transportation service can be frustrating, and that’s exactly where a freight broker comes in.  In this post, we want to talk about what a freight broker is and how we can help you.

Not Cutting Out the Middle Man

In an effort to improve efficiency, people often say that one should “cut out the middle man”, but that isn’t always necessarily the case.  The “middle man” plays an important role, serving as a liaison between what is presumably the front man and the back man.  They facilitate and mediate a relationship between two entities that may simply have different interests at hand, and makes sure that both sides are satisfied with their interaction.  When it comes to freight, you can think of your freight broker as the middle man between you and the transportation company to make sure needs are being met on both sides.

The Right Fit

Experienced freight brokers like Load-Pro have been in the game for years, and have the appropriate expertise to match you with a motor carrier that can satisfy your needs.  By having the experts of a freight brokerage company at your service, you can guarantee that the motor carrier you end up using will be the one whose prices, geographical span, and shipping conditions are perfect for whatever freight you are trying to move.

Dual Benefit

Freight brokers don’t only ensure that your goods make it to the right place at the right time, but they help out motor carriers too.  If you are a transportation company that’s hard pressed to find business, then let us help you!  We can match you with customers who are trying to move product whose needs match with your abilities. 

Hiring a freight broker means introducing another player into the supply chain, but for once, involving more people can definitely save you, and make you, lots of time and money.

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