The Basics of Flatbed Trucking

The Basics of Flatbed Trucking

If you need to move large items or supplies, you may be stumped trying to find a way to get everything to its destination. Fortunately, there are a number of transportation items that can help you get your equipment, cargo, and building materials from Point A to Point B. One of those options is through flatbed trucking.

Flatbed trucking isn’t advised for every form of transportation. This guide can help you determine if a flatbed truck can fit your needs.

When to Use Flatbed Trucking

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Using a flatbed to transport your items is most commonly recommended when they won’t fit properly in a standard truck or can be loaded and unloaded easier with the open sides. There are a number of items that do well when transported on a flat bed truck, including building materials, construction equipment, and in some cases, even sections of a house that will be assembled onsite.

Kinds of Flatbed Trucks

Not all flatbed trucks only offer an empty deck to place your items. There are actually a few different kinds of flatbed trucks, each designed to accommodate an item of a different size and shape. Some of the different kinds of flatbed trucks include drop decks, step decks, and stretch decks. The experts at Load-Pro can help you determine the right flatbed truck for your needs.

What to Discuss with Your Flatbed Trucking Service Providers

Before you can entirely secure your flatbed trucking transportation, there are a few things you will want to consider and discuss with the trucking service providers. Be sure to address insurance and terms and conditions before the trip begins.

If you have cargo, building materials, or equipment that needs to be moved, flatbed trucking transportation may be able to fit your needs. To discuss the load you need transferred, determine what kind of flatbed truck can fit your needs, and to discuss the details of your shipment, contact Load-Pro.

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