What Goes into Shipping an Over Dimensional Load?

What Goes into Shipping an Over Dimensional Load?

over dimensional loads

Shipping loads that are over the standard dimensions allowed in many areas can be challenging. At Load Pro, we are experienced at shipping over dimensional loads wherever you need them to go. Here is an overview of what is required to ship these types of over dimensional freight loads.


The individual carrier can have rules about what they can haul and what they can’t. A service like Load Pro has already sourced carriers that can provide the required shipping services. Creating a freight itinerary is harder than it looks so going with experienced companies is highly advised.


Some municipalities or states have specific requirements if an oversized or over dimension load is to be shipped through their area of jurisdiction. Wide loads such as manufactured housing or large metal beams, for example, are some of the most common oversized loads.

Support Vehicles

Many of us have seen smaller trucks ahead and behind oversized loads. These vehicles usually have a sign that says oversized load and lights that flash, so drivers give the transportation convoy a wide berth for everyone’s safety. These vehicles are in constant contact with one another and the driver of the load to ensure that the entire transport goes smoothly.

Transport Through Multiple States Requires More Planning

Since individual states can have very different rules, it is important that the entire route of transportation be well planned to reduce cost and paperwork. This is why it is so important to contact a professional specialized transport team like Load Pro.

What Is Over Dimensional?

Any object that is over 8.5 feet in width can be considered over dimensional because it cannot be placed on a standard truck bed without extending out too far. If transporting by train, the dimensions can increase up to 10.5 feet wide. Awkwardly shaped items may also qualify if they cannot be placed on standard flatbed trucks. A flatbed trucking brokerage company like Load Pro can help determine the best shipment method for what you are moving.

International Over Dimensional Shipments

Overseas shipping is largely accomplished through the use of standard sized shipping containers. If something cannot fit within a shipping container, then special arrangements must be made by a freight brokerage company with experience handling over dimensional freight.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    I didn’t realize that there could be permits required by some municipalities or states when shipping over dimensional freight through their area. I would imagine that knowing that before attempting to make a shipment would really help you expedite the process and avoid hassles. It would seem to me that hiring a third party shipping company to handle your oversize freight would be a good way to make sure that these and other hassles are always well avoided.

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